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GMUD5PCUBDRequired parameter changes to support iSeries Domino multi-versioning
CEAN5NTHZQDuring Migration, if there is a type-o in the Source field, the application displays an error and then closes. This problem has been fixed in...
GMUD5NDR87For DECS, LEI, LSXLC data types "LCNUMERIC" or "LCCURRENCY", fields or variables mapping to DB2 fields with data types of "numeric" or "decimal:...
NECN5KEQ3EWhen a virtual agent is executed, a special updateprehandler now runs to ensure the view is refreshed.
NRBY5NKMM7An accurate error message is now displayed when a target's parameter does not match a procedure's fieldname.
NRBY5MXK2AFixed a problem where the date format of 'TELL LEI STATUS' in the console was always English format, and did not adjust according to os...
SBOR5KYTZTFixed a problem where "overwrite existing data" failed when the target table schema differed from the connection user. This regression was...
SQLI5JY45YFixed a problem where the LEI installer would not work when the Domino server name was DBCS.
SKLK5MGSB2Fixed a problem where replication would fail when more than 170 fields were mapped.
SQLI5KHCWTVirtual Attachments will work on the Linux platform.
SQLI5JY4BYUnreadable characters were found in the command activity log. This problem was fixed in 6.0.3.
SQLI5LF8DEThe target value in the numeric datatype is not accurate when the Direct transfer or Archive activity is from ODBC Sybase Data Direct 4.1 to Notes. ...
SMOS5KT5EUImproper shutdown that could hang transactional logging is now fixed.
SMOS5LGQZPWhen performing a Direct Transfer from DB2 to Oracle 8 with the create metadata option selected, the generated column that corresponds to a double in...
THAN5JXRSMFixed a problem where the ODBC Sybase Virtual agent, which modifies everything in the backend, caused an error indicating that the record should be...
THAN5KBRXYThe Notes to data direct ODBCOracle or ODBCSybase, replication data comparison and trimming, case insensitive string comparison was not working. The...
KKOO5LXCZ8In an environment with a few memories, when paging occurs frequently, nleiact.exe causes an error. This problem has been fixed in...
YCYC5JX43CFixed a problem where replication would fail when Notes or the SQL server connector had a DBCS key field name.
WVHM5LFCL4If a subform is in a table on a form, LEI is now able to resolve the Fieldlist from the Subform.
YCYC5JX4HJFixed a problem where the "update before insert" option would not work in Dir.Transfers, if the key field name was S.Chinese.
YCYC5K32E9Can't start a Virtual Field activity on S.Chinese or T.Chinese, connection to SQL Server/Access, with Chinese field name. This problem has been...
JFEA5KSPSAVirtual Agents that use DB2 output parameters cause Domino to crash on Unix when doing updates. This problem has been fixed in...
THAN5KBRPEFixed a problem where the direct transfers option target data options 'try update before insert' fails with the ODBC connector using DataDirect ODBC...
THAN5MYN9EFixed a problem when replicating with an ODBC Oracle source to a SQL Server target. The error "Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection...
TSAO5UYF6DIntermittently, when LEI fails, shared memory or semaphores may remain. This problem was fixed in 6.0.3.
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